The Girl on Aisle 6E

a sexy flash fiction about two strangers on a transit flight

Jolin Kwok
2 min readMay 1, 2019
Photo by Marco Brito on Unsplash

It was as if he did not have to breathe. That smile in her eyes shone right through, stirring something familiar yet strange from depths he did not know he had.

Her lips moved soundlessly, opening and closing, as if she was saying things that should never surface on the face of Earth.

Everyone else shifted loudly in their airborne spaces amid the droning engine noise and soft snores, as if unaware of the simmering cacophony in the quiet bubble of Aisle 6E.

He could have sworn that time did still for that split second.

“You’re an alien,” he declared to his neighbour, the Girl On Aisle 6E. “It’s like you don’t even exist here.”

She laughed loudly, tangibly — he could practically hold onto each resounding vowel. She paused, only to hold his searching smiling eyes and say, “I don’t think I can text you after this.”

As quickly as he ignored the metal band on his finger, he replied, “I don’t think you should but it would make me very happy if you do.”

She blushed, her cheeks visibly pink.

His eyes widened, they crinkled pleasurably, cajoling her gaze into a silent tango for two; his lips curled, as if imbibing her sweet embarrassment.

It was almost hard for her to breathe.

Without missing a beat, his thick French accent cut the thin air between them with just a hint of restraint. “I wonder what it would be like to just have five minutes alone with you,” he said, staring at her. “Without the rest of the world.”

Surely, it would be marvelous.

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