a sexy flash fiction about two strangers on a transit flight

Photo by Marco Brito on Unsplash

A short story for the Cambridge Short Story Prize 2018.

“Although it is often used in tsunami literature, there is no reason to suspect that Hokusai intended it to be interpreted in that way. The waves in this work are sometimes mistakenly referred to as tsunami (津波), but they are more accurately called okinami (沖波), great off-shore waves.” | Source: Wikipedia

The origin story of the most un-PC spoken-word performance ever delivered in Malaysia.

Well … the face says it all, actually. | Image source: Know Your Meme

YES! Another Valentine’s Day vent!

A forwarded image that’s been going around on WhatsApp. | Source: Anonymous

Valentine’s Day — a day to love and loathe

Jolin Kwok

"There's beauty in everything, and art in some." Malaysian scribe for hire. More about.me/jolin.kwok

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